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About Us

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Anhui Topsort Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Hefei, China, is a high-tech enterprise specialize in research production sales and service of color sorting machine.

Our company has a high-quality R & D team and first-class production equipment, committed to providing customers with high quality, high efficient color sorter products and services.The existing staff of more than 180 people, with an area of 80 acres of intelligent sorting equipment production base, the total annual output value has exceeded 20 million USD. Our company focuses on intelligent sorting machine manufacturing industry, won the high-tech enterprises,recognized as a high-tech growth company. Our company at the beginning of the establishment depending on product quality, 2016 through the quality management system occupational health management system, environmental management system three system recognition and ce certificate.

Our company is a technology-oriented technology enterprise, created a R & D center, the total number of R & D personnel accounted for 30% of the total number of people in the company, including more than 20 doctors, R & D team has 20 years of experience in photoelectric sorting industry, dozens of perennial core technology personnel engaged in visual sorting, with a wealth of practical experience and strong R & D capabilities in new technologies, new areas have the core of independent Intellectual property rights, the use of a new generation of deep self-learning system and FPGA fusion algorithm, through industrial-grade ultra-high digital camera, 360 ° rotation of the sorted materials photographed by computer data model processing, a one-time,simultaneous sorting of products with different indicators, while the company has nearly 100 various types of intellectual property rights.



Company's Main Products And Applications


The main products of the company include intelligent full-color CCD color sorter,multi-function belt color sorter, high-precision infrared color sorter, X-ray inspection machine,deep learning color sorter etc. The company produce intelligent color sorter robot series products with superior performance and complete models can meet the production requirements of different types of processing enterprises,widely used in:

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Agriculture products color sorter 

Rice mill ----- white rice,black rice,red rice,sorguhm rice,long rice,brown rice,parboried rice,paddy,millet,myotonin, etc. 

Grain processing plant----wheat,corn,rye,barley,quinoa,buckwheat,oats,cereal,etc.

Beans processing plant----soybean,kidney bean,red bean,black bean,green mung bean,white bean,coffee bean,fava bean, lentil,checkpea,pea,etc.

Seeds processing plant----sesame seed,veget seed,black seed,flax seed,hump seed,coriander seed,lotus seed,fenugreek seed,chia seed,mustard seed,rapeseeds.pepper seed,rose hip,seed,sunflower seed,pumpkin seed,watermelon seed,etc.

Nuts processing plant----walnut,almound,cashew nut,peanut,macadamia nut,pecan,hazelnut,pistachio nut,pine nut,areca nut,chestnut,candlenut,coconut,etc.

Spice processing plant----pepper,clove,cumin,dried chili,ginger,cardamom,medlar,corn flower,ect.

Vegetable and fruit processing plant----garlic,onion,raisin,chili,dried apricot,date,jujube,coffee cherry,buleberry,cherry,olive,refrigerated strawberry,etc.

Seed food processing---Dried shrimp, fish,etc.


Industrial products color sorter 

Waste Plastics----plastic pellet,plastic pieces,plastic granule,plastic bottle cap flakes,PET bottle scrap,ABS plastic flakes,PP plastic scrap,etc

Mineral----quartz stone,quartz sand,potassium feldspar,barite,calcite,limestone,pearl,marble,amber,etc.

Glass----glass flakes,glass fragment,glass cullet,etc.

Metal----wasted metal,copper,aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass,broken wire,etc.


Multi-spectrum infrared sorting machine and X-ray inspection machine

Using the most advanced technology - InGaAs and multi-spectrum and shape selection technology, combined with a variety of inspection technologies and the use of special wave signal differences will be different colors, insects, mold, shells and other defective products and other impurities from the finished nuts "bull's-eye" positioning to remove.


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