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Recruitment Of Distributors

Recruitment Of Distributors

With the development of artificial intelligence industry, more and more color sorter machine replace manual sorting, sorting material types involved in food processing and waste resources recycling and many other fields.Compared with manual selection, labor-saving, time-saving, high efficiency, low processing cost.Improve the quality and economic and social benefits of selected products. 



What you can benefit become to our color sorter distributor?

1. You can get a low distributor price and sorting videos for marketing. 

2. You can get free colour sorter brochure and sorting videos for marketing.

3. You can get free training for color  sorter technical knowledge.  

4. You can get local end user customer resources.

5. You can get free spare parts for colour sorte machine.  

6. You can get reports on your market conditions.



If you meet one of the following criteria, welcome to join us work together to create a better future~

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People who opreating a food processing plant or resource recycling plant. People who have an engineer team,ever installed, used or sold color sorters.

People who have good local sorter machine experience and resources. People who are interested in color sorting machine,love to learn new technoloy and knowledge.







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