Customer Case Of Wet Stone Color Sorter In Mexico

Customer Case Of Wet Stone Color Sorter In Mexico

August 23, 2023

This customer has a mine in Mexico with two different kinds of stones, quartz stone and limestone. After our foreign trade sales manager communicated with the customer for more than half a year, the customer decided to come to our factory for a site visit.

The customer brought his samples and tested them on site at our factory. Our engineers came up with the best solution for him: the wet stone sorting process,and provided other related ancillary equipment layout and construction, the customer was very satisfied, the scene signed four sets of ore color sorter contract.We delivered the goods to our customers on time and in strict accordance with the quality and delivery schedule of the contract.We delivered the goods to the customer on time in strict accordance with the quality and delivery date of the contract. After the machine arrived at the customer's site, we sent overseas engineers to install and debug the machine, and taught him how to use and maintain the colour sorter machine.They were very satisfied with our superb expertise and warm service.

Since the customer used our colour sorter to classify his ore, the quality of the product also increased ten times, but also sold at a very high price! With the increase in production, 4 machines can no longer meet their production line, they built a new plant, and re-purchased 6 sets of the same model(TSD5) of stone color sorter soon.

More detaild about TSD5 model stone colour sorter machine,welcome to vist our


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