Customer case of coffee cherry sorting in customer site

Customer case of coffee cherry sorting in customer site

November 25, 2023

This is at the site of our customer, who is a coffee farmer with a large orchard and many coffee trees. He has never used color sorter before, and relies on manual selection of coffee beans,while the coffee cherries were not sorted at all, resulting in the poor quality of his coffee beans, which could not be sold at a high price.

One day, he found TOPSORT's foreign trade sales manager, who told him that a machine can sort both coffee berries and coffee beans, which greatly saves labor costs and time costs, and greatly improves work efficiency. The farmer was very happy, and after several conversations, he quickly placed an order!

We delivered the color sorter machine on schedule and shipped it to the customer's site quickly according to the order contract. Since it was the first time for the farmer to use the colour sorter, he was not very skilled in the operation of the machine, so we offered to fly to the customer's factory to help the customer solve all his worries and problems. The customer praised us for our sincere and enthusiastic service attitude as well as the high quality of the products and the engineers' exquisite technology. Meanwhile, we had a great time at the customer's farm and gained a deep friendship while working!

Sorters can be divided into chute-type and belt-type color sorters. 

Belt-type color sorters break a smaller percentage of the material , and the product stays relatively static during the transport process as it moves horizontally on the belt. In the chute type, material slides on the chute because of gravity, causing collision, friction, and larger vertical movements, thus worsening the ratio of broken material. The belt structure makes the transmission smooth and stable without bouncing of material.Chute-type color sorters are more common especially for food, as prices are lower, capacities are higher, and products can be seen more easily from both sides, which is important when a dehulled grain has hull only on one side. Chute sorters are usually applicable to specific products, as the chute is designed with special channels for this kind of material based on sizes and shapes of the material.

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