Customer case of pet recycling plastic sorting

Customer case of pet recycling plastic sorting

September 18, 2021

There was a big recycling company in brazil that was struggling to sort the different colors of plastic coming through their doors. Peter of the owner company had tried manual sorting, but it was too slow and inaccurate. He needed a better solution.

One day, Peter was browsing the internet and came across a recycling plastic color sorter called TOPSORT brand. After doing some research, he found out that this brand machine could sort plastic by color quickly and efficiently. Excited about this discovery, the owner decided to purchase the recycling plastic color sorter for his company.

He contacted the manufacturer and discussed the specifications and price. After making the decision to invest in the machine, the owner eagerly awaited its arrival. When it finally arrived, he and his team were amazed at how easy it was to set up and use. They quickly got to work sorting the different colors of plastic, and the machine did not disappoint. It was able to sort the plastic with incredible speed and accuracy.

Thanks to their new recycling plastic color sorter, the company was able to increase their output, reduce costs, and better serve their customers. They also can save time and sell mroe good price of the raw plastic materials.

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