Customer case of peanut sorting in Iran

Customer case of peanut sorting in Iran

April 26, 2020

There was a man named Hamed Tahmasebi who owned a peanut farm in Iran,He specializes in growing peanut, with an annual production of about 100t.But every time he harvested the peanuts were not very good quality, some were too small,some too big, or even rotten, some are blown up. This made it hard for him to sell his products at a good price to buyers.

One day, Hamed heard about a technology agricultural machinery in the market called color sorter, which could sort peanuts according to their size, color, and quality.

He started to search peanut color sorter machine on Google,and found service factories,one of them is TOPSORT brand. After describing his needs, he received quotations from several manufacturers. But he was most impressed with our quotation and professional sales staff service, and later finally chose to cooperate with us.

In short time, Hamed received his colour sorter machine. He couldn't wait to use the color sorter to grade and sort peanuts. The machine was equipped with remote service, and any problems, our technicians could help him solve them through remote online service, and he was shocked by such amazing technology of our machine.His peanuts started to look more appealing, delicious, and uniform. The color sorter sorted every nut according to its shape,size, color, and quality, which made it easier for John to sell his products for a good price to reputable buyers.

With the profits he made, Hamed invested more in his business, and as he started to produce high-quality peanuts, word started to spread, and he eventually gained more customers.


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