Customer case of sorting coffee bean in Brazil

Customer case of sorting coffee bean in Brazil

January 12, 2022

John who runs a coffee bean farm was having a lot of trouble with the quality of coffee beans he produced. He grows raw coffee beans of many different varieties, with some unripe yellow, bad black, and other miscellaneous colors, making his coffee beans sell poorly and at unsaleable prices. As a result, he was losing money and customers due to the inconsistency in his product's quality.

To solve this problem, John did some research and found an advanced technology called coffee bean color sorter. Coffee bean color sorter is a machine that sorts coffee beans according to color, size, and shape, and separates the defective beans from the good ones.

John was quite impressed with the technology and decided to buy one for his farm. He started exploring different brands and models of coffee bean color sorters based on his requirements and budget. After our professional sales team gave him a detailed analysis and demonstration and comparing multiple options,finally he decided to buy the mini sorter from us. 

TOPSORT coffee color sorter machine had advanced features like high-resolution cameras, intelligent detection systems, and an automatic cleaning mechanism, solving all of John's needs for his coffee farm. The machine was also affordable and came with excellent customer service and support. 

The machine soon arrived at John's farm after more than a month of shipping, and he was thrilled. After the installation guided by our professional after-sales service team, he started to use the machine. We remotely guided him to set up the corresponding program for each different variety of coffee beans, and he was very satisfied with the results after sorting.

Till now, the color sorter machine has been working very well without any failure, the sorting accuracy is also very high, and his coffee bean business is getting better and better. "Buying topsort mini coffee bean color sorter was one of my best decisions"John said.

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, customer happiness, we are happier, and also more motivated to strive to pursue to do better ~

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