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Dry Stone Color Sorters Ore Mineral Color Sorter Machine

Dry Stone Color Sorters Ore Mineral Color Sorter Machine

TOPSORT dry stone color sorters Providing sorting solutions for the ore size range from 10 - 40mm and 4-16mesh, have been widely used in intelligent separation and supporting services of industrial raw materials such as lithium,ore, plate quartz sand ,mineral etc, and have been widely praised by customers.It can identity discoloured rejected quartz like black ,yellow ,grey out from good one. 

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    White, can customize
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    Within 15-20 working days
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    Stone color sorter
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    1 year
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    Color/Shape/Size sorting

The fast belt-type ore machine TTSC3/TSD3 is designed for the separation and purification of metallic and non-metallic ores in dry separation processes.  

Efficient ore color sorter machine changes traditional beneficiation mode.The emergence of ore colour sorter machine has broken the traditional mineral processing bottlenecks such as re-election, flotation, magnetic separation and pickling. The ore sorting method is more scientific and environmentally friendly! Topsort mineral color sorter machine, sorting ore by color, sorting a variety of ore efficiently, and realizing the “three highs” requirement of “high output”, “high efficiency” and “high precision” for ore sorting!


Good products naturally bring good benefits! Topsort stone color sorters create a new mineral processing mode for you, so that you can take a step faster and seize the new opportunity of the market!


Advantages of Topsort  Stone Color Sorters

1.Solving the problem of sorting in the harsh environment of dry ore with high dust, high pollution and high corrosion

2. Widely applicable to medium and small ore particles from 16mesh-40mm size

3. Fast belt, greatly improve the processing capacity of the machine, the output increased by more than 50%.

4. Industry's highest configuration with 128 high-frequency ejector valves

5. Invisible multipath light back-off system that increases sorting accuracy and stability

6. Large Capacity and Low Loss


 Ore Color Sorter Technical Parameters

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Details Of Ore Color Sorter 

1.conveyor belt:stainless steel, durable and wear-resistant

2.High precision camera: equipped with high capacity FPGA supporting up to 8K resolution for perfect recognition of shape, colour and texture of small materials.

3. New generation HMI system: simplifies tedious configuration with one key intelligent sorting, one key export, one key import and more.

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4.Equipped with high quality crawler drive motor and motor controller, making the machine operation more reliable.

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5.Automatic cleaning system.