• What is the advantages of chute color sorter compared with belt color sorter?
    May 09, 2023
    Today we will sort out the advantages of the chute color sorter over the crawler color sorter. 1.Fast: The chute color sorter moves items quickly through the slideway during operation, making the sorting speed much faster than that of the crawler color sorter. 2.Materials:The slide color sorter is suitable for selecting smaller materials, such as rice, wheat, quinoa, sesame, spice seeds, quartz sand and other fine particles. 3.Energy saving: Slideway optical sorters do not require a lot of energy to move the track system and are therefore a more energy-efficient option. 4.In terms of maintenance and cleaning, slideway color sorters are easier to maintain and clean because they do not have complicated mechanical structures such as crawlers. The crawler color sorter requires more manual operation and professional maintenance. 5.Price: In the case of the same output, the chute machine has more price advantages. In general, the chute color sorter has advantages in terms of adaptability, color sorting efficiency, processing speed, price and maintenance. However, due to the different application scenarios, choosing a color sorter that suits you still needs to consider various factors comprehensively.
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