• New product release waterproof color sorter
    Jan 25, 2024
    The new waterproof color sorter is a color sorting machine specifically designed and manufactured to be resistant to water and moisture. This feature makes it suitable for sorting products in environments where water or humidity are present, such as food processing facilities or agricultural settings. The advantages of a waterproof color sorter machine include: 1.Water resistance: The machine is protected against water splashes and can withstand humid conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in moisture-rich environments. 2.Improved durability: The waterproof design enhances the longevity and robustness of the color sorter, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions and potential damage from water exposure. 3.Versatility: The waterproof colour sorter can be used for sorting a wide range of products, including grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and more, without worrying about water-related issues. 4.Easy maintenance: The waterproof construction simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process, as the machine can be rinsed or wiped down with water without compromising its functionality. 5.Accurate sorting: The color sorting technology remains effective and precise even in wet conditions, ensuring accurate separation based on color criteria, contributing to improved efficiency and product quality. When using a waterproof color sorting machine, it is still important to follow our instructions for proper operation, maintenance, and cleaning to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the machine.Welcome to visit our for more details.
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  • Instructions for operation and maintenance of color sorter in winter
    Dec 26, 2023
    When operating and maintaining a color sorter in winter, there are a few important instructions to follow: 1.Temperature Control: Ensure that the operating environment temperature is within the specified range for the colour sorter. Extremely low temperatures can affect the performance of the machine. If needed, make necessary arrangements such as providing additional heating or insulating the machine to maintain a suitable temperature. 2.Preparing the Machine: Before starting the color sorter machine, allow it to warm up for a sufficient period to reach the optimal operating temperature. This helps prevent any potential damage caused by sudden temperature changes. 3.Condensation Prevention: In cold weather, there may be a risk of condensation forming on the internal components of the colour sorter machine. To prevent this, ensure that the machine is properly sealed and insulated. Avoid exposing the machine to sudden temperature changes or drafts that can cause condensation. 4.Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance are important, regardless of the season. However, in winter, it's essential to pay extra attention to keep the machine free from debris, dust, and moisture. Clean the machine carefully using appropriate cleaning agents and methods recommended by the color sorting machine manufacturer. 5.Lubrication: Check the lubrication points of the colour sorting machine and ensure that they are properly lubricated. Low temperatures can affect the viscosity of lubricants, so choose lubricants suitable for winter conditions or consult the manufacturer for recommendations. 6.Regular Inspection: Increase the frequency of inspections to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Pay attention to components that may be more susceptible to temperature-related issues, such as belts, bearings, and electrical connections. Promptly address any issues found to ensure smooth operation. 7.Operator Protection: Provide proper heating and insulation for the operators working with the color sorter. This includes providing them with appropriate clothing, gloves, and ensuring a comfortable working environment to prevent discomfort or health-related issues caused by low temperatures. Remember, these instructions serve as general guidelines, and it's important to consult the specific user manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed information on operating and maintaining the color sorter in winter conditions.
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  • Ore color sorter technical features and application
    Sep 20, 2023
    What is ore color sorter? Ore color sorter is a specialized machine used in the mining industry to sort and separate ore particles based on their color and composition. It is commonly used in mineral processing plants to improve the efficiency of ore beneficiation processes.such as quartz stone color sorter,barite color sorter,limestone color sorter,potassium feldspar color sorter and so on. Features: 1.The invisible optical path combined with the latest waterproof structure design can effectively improve the sorting effect of water-containing materials. 2.A new generation of hardware and electrical architecture makes equipment run more stably and efficiently. 3.Multi-optical path compensation system for finer detection and more stable operation. 4.New structure plus high speed spray valve for more accurate rejection and lower loss. 5.Open far focus design,new dust cleaning and dust removal system,making machine operation more convenient. Application: It is suitable for separating large particles of 10-40mm size,wet ore,dry ore,etc.The new structure solves the problem of mutual adhesion between ore and crawler in the process of wet ore processing,etc.
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  • Ore color sorter is more popular used in ore processing plant
    Sep 03, 2023
    Ore color sorter is a specialized machine used in the mining and mineral processing industry to sort and separate ores based on their color and other visual characteristics. It employs optical sorting technology and image processing algorithms to accurately detect and categorize ores, allowing for efficient ore processing, improved product quality, and increased productivity. Here are the key aspects of an stone color sorter: 1.Optical Sensing: The ore color sorter is equipped with advanced optical sensors and cameras that capture detailed images of the ores as they pass through the machine. These sensors analyze the color properties of each ore, including hue, brightness, shade, and color patterns. 2.Sorting Process: Ores are typically fed into the color sorter through a conveyor belt or vibrating feeder. As the ores move through the machine, they are scanned, and images of their surfaces are captured by the camera system. 3.Image Analysis: Sophisticated image processing algorithms analyze the captured images in real-time. These algorithms extract color information from the images and compare them with pre-defined color ranges or quality standards set by the operator. 4.Color Sorting: Based on the analysis, the ore color sorter categorizes and separates the ores into different color classes or grades. It can identify and sort ores with different mineral compositions, impurities, ore grades, or ore textures. 5.Reject Mechanism: The color sorter employs precise air jets, mechanical ejectors, or other mechanisms to divert or separate the ores based on their color classifications. The rejected ores are typically channeled into separate collection bins, while the accepted ores continue along the processing line. 6.Sorting Accuracy and Speed: Ore color sorters are designed to operate at high speeds, ensuring efficient sorting of large quantities of ores. They offer high accuracy and consistency in color sorting, minimizing errors and providing reliable results. Benefits of Ore Color Sorting: 1.Improved Efficiency: By automating the ore sorting process, ore color sorters increase processing efficiency and reduce manual labor requirements. They allow for the rapid sorting and separation of ores, enhancing overall productivity. 2.Enhanced Product Quality: The color sorter helps improve the quality of the final product by accurately sorting ores based on their color and other visual characteristics. It enables the removal of low-grade ores, impurities, or undesired materials, resulting in higher-quality ore concentrates. 3.Waste Reduction: With precise sorting capabilities, the ore color sorter helps minimize waste and optimize the utilization of valuable ores. It enables the selective extraction and processing of high-grade ores, reducing the extraction of low-grade or uneconomical materials. 4.Consistency in Ore Quality: By sorting ores based on their color and other characteristics, the color sorter ensures consistency in the quality and composition of the processed ores. This is crucial for downstream processes, such as smelting or beneficiation. 5.Data Analysis: Advanced ore color sorters often provide data analysis capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring of sorting performance, optimization of processing parameters, and quality improvement. Ore color sorter machine are extensively used in mining operations and mineral processing plants, where they contribute to efficient ore sorting, improved product quality, and cost-effective resource utilization. They help meet the market demands for high-grade ores, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the overall profitability of ore processing operations.
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  • What is berry color sorter?
    Aug 11, 2023
    Berry color sorter is a specialized machine used in the food processing industry to sort and separate berries based on their color and other visual characteristics. It employs optical sorting technology and image processing algorithms to accurately detect and categorize berries, allowing for efficient berry processing, improved product quality, and increased productivity.Such as blueberry color sorter,juniper berry color sorter,coffee cherry color sorter,olive color sorter and so on. Benefits of Berry Color Sorting: Improved Quality: By accurately sorting berries based on their color, the color sorter helps ensure the overall quality and freshness of the berries. It allows for the removal of berries with undesirable colors or defects, preserving the appearance and taste of the final product. Increased Efficiency: Automated berry color sorting systems increase processing efficiency by reducing manual labor requirements and streamlining the sorting process. This results in higher throughput and decreased processing time. Waste Reduction: The color sorter enables the removal of berries that are under-ripe, overripe, or have color defects, reducing waste and optimizing the utilization of high-quality berries. Consistency in Appearance: By sorting berries based on their color, the color sorter ensures consistency in the appearance of the final product, which is essential for applications such as packaging, retail, or food service. Enhanced Productivity: Berry color sorters can handle large volumes of berries in a short time, enabling higher productivity and meeting the demands of the market. Berry color sorters are commonly used in the fruit processing industry, where they contribute to efficient berry sorting, improved product quality, and customer satisfaction. They help meet the requirements for visually appealing and high-quality berries while reducing manual labor and waste in the production process.
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  • The main technical indicators of belt color sorter
    Apr 17, 2023
    Belt color sorter is widely used in food and resource recycling processing. 1.The processing capacity. The processing capacity is the amount of materials that can be processed per hour. The main factors affecting the processing capacity per unit time are the movement speed of the servo system, the maximum speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of the raw materials. The fast movement speed of the servo system can quickly send the actuator to the position corresponding to the impurity, which can also increase the speed of the conveyor belt and increase the processing capacity, otherwise the speed of the conveyor belt must be reduced. The processing capacity per unit time is directly proportional to the moving speed of the conveyor belt, the faster the conveyor belt speed, the greater the output. The processing capacity per unit time is also related to the proportion of impurities contained in raw materials. If there are few impurities, the larger the interval between two impurities, the longer the reaction time left for the servo system, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be increased. At the same time, the processing capacity per unit time is closely related to the required selection accuracy. 2.Color sorting accuracy. Color sorting accuracy refers to the percentage of the number of impurities selected from raw materials to the total amount of impurities contained. The color sorting accuracy is mainly related to the moving speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of the raw materials. The slower the moving speed of the conveyor belt, the longer the time between adjacent impurities. The servo system has enough time to remove impurities and improve the color sorting accuracy. Similarly, the higher the initial purity of the raw material, the less the amount of impurities, and the higher the color sorting accuracy. At the same time, the color selection accuracy is also limited by the design of the servo system itself. When there are more than two impurities in the same frame of image, only one impurity can be removed, and the color selection accuracy decreases. The multiple selection structure is better than the single selection structure. 3.The take-out ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of impurities in the waste selected by the color sorter to the amount of normal materials. The level of the take-out ratio can be adjusted, and the adjustment of the take-out ratio is mainly completed by adjusting the energization time of the actuator. If the take-out ratio is set too high, it will affect the two indicators of selection rate and processing capacity; if it is set too low, the selected waste contains too much normal material, which will cause waste; if it is reprocessed, it will need to invest A certain amount of manpower and material resources will cause a lot of trouble and economic loss. In the actual production process, the three indicators of processing capacity, color sorting accuracy and take-out ratio are integrated, and they are all key indicators, which must be investigated at the same time.
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  • What is belt color sorter advantages compared with chute color sorter?
    Apr 30, 2023
    The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the different-color particles in the granular material according to the difference in the optical characteristics of the material. The color sorter is used for quality testing and grading of bulk materials. There are 2 types of color sorting machine.One is chute type color sorter,the other is belt type color sorter.Let's talk about the belt color sorter advantages compared with chute color sorter. 1.The crawler color sorter greatly reduces the damage rate of the selected materials. The chute-type color sorter uses gravity to let the materials slide along the chute to the sorting area. During the sliding process of the materials, collisions and frictions will inevitably occur, such impacts. The crawler type is to send the material from one port (into the hopper) to the outlet at the other end through the crawler, and the process is relatively stable. This can greatly reduce the damage rate of materials. 2.The crawler color sorter has a wide range of applications. The color channel of the chute-type color sorter is designed according to the size and shape of the product. In this way, some materials with large volume differences cannot be tried at the same time. Clean, but affect the shipping price. In contrast, the crawler-type color sorter adopts an algorithm combining color and space, and provides the function of "color sorting + shape sorting" for different materials. Multiple modes can be set freely, and multiple materials can be freely selected, which is more "flexible" ", there is no need to consider the above issues at all. 3.The crawler-type color sorter has a high separation rate and clean. The crawler-type color sorter uses the characteristics of belt transmission, which is smooth and stable, which not only reduces the collision of materials, but also protects materials and reduces damage. And no bullets. It is convenient for color recognition, with small carry-out ratio and high cleaning rate. It is especially suitable for materials such as tea that are difficult to select and are easily damaged.
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