• TOPSORT InGaAs infrared color sorter used in coffee bean
    Apr 02, 2024
    Introducing our revolutionary TOPSORT InGaAs infrared color sorter exclusively designed for coffee bean sorting. With its advanced technology and cutting-edge features, it ensures the impeccable quality of your coffee beans, free from any impurities.   Say goodbye to unwanted materials such as wood chips, metals, plastics, and glass that can affect the taste and aroma of your coffee. Our InGaAs infrared color sorter utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and highly accurate algorithms to detect and remove these foreign substances, ensuring only the finest coffee beans make it to your cup.   Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite coffee with our InGaAs infrared color sorter. Its exceptional performance guarantees precise sorting, preserving the integrity of each coffee bean's natural color, shape, and size. Witness the transformation as this innovative technology seamlessly processes a large quantity of beans, effortlessly separating the good from the bad.   With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, our InGaAs infrared colour sorter is not only a powerful tool for coffee bean producers but also an elegant addition to any processing facility. Its efficiency and reliability make it the ultimate solution for enhancing productivity and maintaining the highest standards of quality control.   Invest in the future of your coffee business with our InGaAs infrared coffee sorting machine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and backed by years of research and development, this device is guaranteed to revolutionize your coffee bean sorting process. Elevate your brand and deliver exceptional coffee experiences with beans that are pure, pristine, and exquisite.   Choose excellence, choose our InGaAs infrared color sorter machine for coffee bean sorting. Experience the ultimate precision, efficiency, and convenience in achieving unparalleled coffee quality. Join the industry leaders who rely on our innovative technology and enjoy the true essence of a perfect cup of coffee, every time.Welcome visit our for inquiry.We will give you prompt reply.thanks.
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  • What is plastic material sorter?
    Jan 30, 2024
    Plastic material sorter, also known as a plastic material sorting machine, is a machine designed to separate and sort different types of plastic materials based on their specific characteristics. It utilizes advanced technologies such as optical sensors, near-infrared spectroscopy, and artificial intelligence to identify and differentiate between various types of plastics. Plastic recycling sorting machines are commonly used in recycling facilities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of plastic recycling processes. They help to separate different types of plastics, such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PP (polypropylene), and others. By separating plastics based on their material composition, color, and other properties, the sorting machine ensures that each type of plastic can be properly processed and recycled. The sorting process involves the use of sensors or cameras to detect the color, shape, and other characteristics of the plastic materials as they pass through the machine's conveyor belt. The machine's software analyzes the data captured by the sensors and instructs air jets or mechanical arms to divert the plastics into different collection bins based on their identified type. The plastic waste sorting machine plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of plastic recycling, reducing contamination, and maximizing the value of recycled plastic materials. It allows for more effective separation and sorting of plastics, enabling the recycling industry to recover and reuse plastic resources more efficiently.Welcome to visit our for more details.
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  • What is sorting in plastic recycling?
    Nov 08, 2023
    Plastic flake color sroter is more and more popular used in plastic recycling.Here is the plastic recycling application samples as following: Plastic flake color sorter main applications: General color sorting includes single-sided color,double-sided color plastic flakes.Detect and remove the opaque or other colored flakes from AAA white or blue-white flakes.Detect and remove the opaque and black flakes from the mixed color flakes.Detect and remove black materials from PC alloy,PC/PP/PS/ABS and other mixtures.Separate the red and yellow flakes,blue and green flakes,black flakes,mixed colored flakes,transparent HDPE flakes and white HDPE flakes for PP/PE purification. Plastic flake color material separator main applications: Identify and separate non-PET materials in PET flakes,such as PVC/PVC sheet/PC/Alloy/PE/PP/ABS/PS/PA/PMMA/aluminum and other impurities,which are applicable to the purification of high-quality 3A bottle flakes,blue-white flakes,variegated flakes and tailings etc.Identify and separate impurities in PE bottle flakes and non-PE materials such as PP/PET/PVC/PC/alloy/ABS/PS/PA/PMMA/aluminum,suitable for the purification of PE mixture,white and clear flakes,materials after salt flotation and tailings etc. Aging flakes sorter main applications: This machine is specially designed for separating the aging flakes that can't be identified by the naked eye,suitable for 3A/5A PET flake processing lines.It can be used to separate fluorescent and light yellow flakes from transparent and white PE flakes.It can also be used to detect and remove aging flakes from other polymer flakes. Bottle sorting machine main applications: Designed to sort plastic beverage bottles and household chemical containers in terms of color,material,shape and aging.Suitable for sorting washed,unwashed,labeled,unlabeled round bottles,mixed plastic bottles in bale form,loose plastic bottles and other bottles of various shapes.Designed for separating light colored PET bottles such as light blue,light green,light white and other plastic bottles.Support the separtion of non-PET bottle materials,such as PP/PE/PC/PS/ABS/PVC/PA and other non-PET bottle sorting.Detect and remove non-PE bottles. Sorting in plastic recycling refers to the process of separating different types of plastic materials based on their composition, color, shape, and other physical characteristics. Plastic recycling involves collecting post-consumer or post-industrial plastic waste and transforming it into reusable materials or products. Sorting is a crucial step in the recycling process as it helps ensure the quality and integrity of the recycled plastic. Efficient and accurate sorting in plastic recycling contributes to the circular economy by reducing the reliance on virgin plastic production, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impacts associated with plastic waste.  
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  • Near infrared camera and InGaAs technology used for color sorter
    May 17, 2023
    Full color RGB CCD color sorter is mainly used for color and shape sorting,what is Infrared color sorter? Infrared color sorter is a machine used for sorting materials based on their material types color and shape. It uses infrared sensors to detect the material as it passes through the machine and separates them based on their material types color and shape. This technology is mainly used in the food processing industry for separating impurities or defective products from high-quality ones based on their color and physical characteristics. It is a very efficient and accurate method of sorting materials, reducing the need for human labor and increasing productivity. Infrared color sorter features as following: 1.Color + Shape + Material type sorting,reaching the best sorting standard. 2.Multidimensional infrared matrix imaging. 3.Infrared + HD visible light. 4.Dual-band infrared technology. 5.Independent light source cooling system,more stable performance. 6.Effectively separate the nuts kernel and shell.
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