• Near infrared camera and InGaAs technology used for color sorter
    May 17, 2023
    Full color RGB CCD color sorter is mainly used for color and shape sorting,what is Infrared color sorter? Infrared color sorter is a machine used for sorting materials based on their material types color and shape. It uses infrared sensors to detect the material as it passes through the machine and separates them based on their material types color and shape. This technology is mainly used in the food processing industry for separating impurities or defective products from high-quality ones based on their color and physical characteristics. It is a very efficient and accurate method of sorting materials, reducing the need for human labor and increasing productivity. Infrared color sorter features as following: 1.Color + Shape + Material type sorting,reaching the best sorting standard. 2.Multidimensional infrared matrix imaging. 3.Infrared + HD visible light. 4.Dual-band infrared technology. 5.Independent light source cooling system,more stable performance. 6.Effectively separate the nuts kernel and shell.
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