• Ore color sorter technical features and application
    Sep 20, 2023
    What is ore color sorter? Ore color sorter is a specialized machine used in the mining industry to sort and separate ore particles based on their color and composition. It is commonly used in mineral processing plants to improve the efficiency of ore beneficiation processes.such as quartz stone color sorter,barite color sorter,limestone color sorter,potassium feldspar color sorter and so on. Features: 1.The invisible optical path combined with the latest waterproof structure design can effectively improve the sorting effect of water-containing materials. 2.A new generation of hardware and electrical architecture makes equipment run more stably and efficiently. 3.Multi-optical path compensation system for finer detection and more stable operation. 4.New structure plus high speed spray valve for more accurate rejection and lower loss. 5.Open far focus design,new dust cleaning and dust removal system,making machine operation more convenient. Application: It is suitable for separating large particles of 10-40mm size,wet ore,dry ore,etc.The new structure solves the problem of mutual adhesion between ore and crawler in the process of wet ore processing,etc.
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