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X-Ray sorting machine

May 24, 2023

X-ray sorting machine is a type of machine that uses x-ray technology to separate and sort different materials based on their density and other physical properties. This type of machine can be used for a variety of applications, such as sorting food products, recycling materials, and inspecting luggage and cargo for security purposes. The x-ray technology used in these machines is able to create detailed images of the materials being sorted, which allows the machine to accurately identify and separate different types of materials. Now x-ray sorting machines can also be equipped with optical sensors and machine learning algorithms to improve their efficiency and accuracy.

X-ray inspection machine application field:

1.Simultaneous detection and removal of high and low density foreign objects.

2.The unshelled kernels and shells in the shelled nuts can be effectively detected and removed.

3.It can not only detect and remove conventional maligant impurities such as metal,glass,stones,etc.,mixed in bulk materials,but also effectively detect non-malignant impurities.Such as plastics,cigarette butts,branches,etc.,to maximize the product quality of food companies.

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