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Working principle of chute color sorter

Working principle of chute color sorter

January 10, 2022

In the previous era when technology was relatively backward, manual labor became the main productivity of screening products. We can clearly see in the market that high-quality products will be more expensive and popular at the same time; Machine selection, product quality at a glance, speed up. As an intelligent high-tech product, what is the working principle of the color sorter? TOPSORT technology takes you into the door of color sorter technology.

The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the different-color particles in the granular material according to the difference in the optical properties of the material. A very official explanation, I believe most people can’t understand it, in fact, you may understand it another way; the color sorter is like a person, with a camera equivalent to the human eye to observe the product. If it is broken, there are spray valves equivalent to human hands. When the camera catches a bad product, the spray valve blows it out. This is how the color sorter works. How does the color sorter work? Let's look at a picture below.

how to work for color sorter

1. The material enters the machine from the collecting hopper on the top, and the selected material falls down along the feeding distribution chute through the vibration of the feeding device (vibrator). 2. The material passes through the vibrator at the upper end of the chute, and the material slides into the sorting box at an accelerated speed along the chute. 3. After entering the sorting box, it passes between the image processing sensor CCD and the background equipment. Under the action of the light source, the CCD receives the synthetic optical signal from the selected material, and the system generates an output signal, which is amplified and transmitted to the FPGA + ARM computing processing system, and then the control system issues instructions to drive the injection solenoid valve to blow the particles of different colors Flows away in and out of the waste cavity of the hopper. 4. The selected materials continue to fall into the finished product chamber of the hopper and flow out, so that the selected materials can achieve the purpose of selection. How does the color sorter work? The above is the workflow of the color sorter. According to the survey, most of the processing manufacturers in the market are already using the color sorters of Xingtai Hongche Technology. At the same time, with the help of the color sorter of TOPSORT technology, customers become bigger and stronger, and truly realize the freedom of wealth.



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