• Rice color sorter plays an important role in rice processing
    Mar 13, 2024
    The rice color sorter is a machine that uses an optical sensor or camera to identify and distinguish the color of rice, and classify and screen based on the color. It utilizes advanced image processing and analysis technology to quickly and accurately detect and separate rice particles whose color does not meet standards. The rice color sorter can help remove impurities, broken grains, abnormal color and other rice that does not meet specifications, thereby improving the quality and market competitiveness of rice. Rice colour sorter has many advantages in rice processing, the following are some of the main advantages: 1.High efficiency: The rice color sorter machine is capable of color sorting at high speed and high precision, capable of processing large amounts of rice quickly and ensuring high-quality sorting results. 2.Accurate sorting: The rice colour sorter machine uses advanced optical sensing technology to accurately detect and distinguish impurities, off-color particles and brown rice in rice, ensuring that only high-quality white rice is selected. 3.Improve quality: Through the sorting of the rice color sorting machine, impurities, off-color particles, brown rice and other rice that do not meet the quality requirements can be removed, improving the overall quality and taste of the rice. 4.Save labor costs: Traditional rice sorting usually requires a lot of manual operations, but the rice color sorting machine can automatically complete the sorting process, reducing the need for human resources and related costs. 5.Flexible and adjustable: Rice color sorters are usually equipped with a variety of sorting modes and parameter adjustment functions, which can be adjusted according to different needs and requirements to adapt to different varieties and quality levels of rice. In summary, the rice color sorter plays an important role in the rice processing industry by improving the quality of rice and reducing labor costs through efficient and accurate sorting.Visit our for more details.
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  • What is rice sorting?
    Jul 19, 2023
    Rice sorting refers to the process of separating rice grains based on their quality, size, shape, color, and other characteristics. It is an important step in rice processing and involves the use of specialized machines called rice sorters. The goal of rice sorting is to remove impurities, defective grains, and foreign materials, ensuring that only high-quality rice grains are delivered to consumers.   Here are some key aspects of rice sorting:   1. Quality Sorting: Rice sorters are equipped with sensors and optical systems that can identify and remove grains with defects such as discolored or damaged grains, chalky grains, broken grains, or grains with foreign materials. By eliminating these substandard grains, rice sorting improves the overall quality of the final rice product.   2. Size Sorting: Rice grains come in different sizes, and sorting them based on size can be important for certain applications or market preferences. Precision sorting machines can separate rice grains into various size categories, ensuring uniformity in the final product. This can be particularly relevant for specific rice varieties or for packaging purposes.   3. Shape Sorting: Some rice sorters can sort rice grains based on their shape characteristics. For example, long-grain rice, medium-grain rice, and short-grain rice can be separated into different categories. This allows producers to meet specific market demands or refine the quality of their rice products.   4. Color Sorting: Rice sorting machines can also detect and remove rice grains with undesirable colors. This is especially important for premium rice varieties, where color consistency is crucial. By sorting rice based on color variations, such as discoloration or black spots, the sorting process helps maintain a visually appealing product.   5. Foreign Material Removal: Rice sorters are equipped with mechanisms to identify and remove foreign materials such as stones, glass, metal, or any other non-rice particles that may be present in the rice stream. This enhances food safety and ensures that only clean and safe rice grains are delivered to consumers.   6. Efficiency and Productivity: Rice sorting machines are designed to operate at high speeds, allowing for rapid processing and increased productivity. They can handle large quantities of rice grains and provide consistent sorting results, improving the efficiency of rice processing operations.   7. Advanced Sorting Technologies: Rice sorting machines utilize advanced technologies such as optical sensors, cameras, and sophisticated algorithms to analyze the quality and characteristics of rice grains. These technologies enable accurate and precise sorting, minimizing false rejections and achieving high sorting accuracy.   Rice sorting plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, purity, and uniformity of rice products. By removing impurities, defective grains, and foreign materials, it enhances food safety, improves market value, and meets the demands of consumers who expect high-quality rice.
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  • Advantages of using rice color sorter
    Jun 01, 2023
    Here are some advantages of using a rice color sorter: 1. Improved Quality: Rice color sorter machines can effectively remove contaminants, such as discolored, broken, or diseased grains, leaving only high-quality rice. This results in healthier and tastier rice. 2. Increased Efficiency: Rice color sorters are capable of processing large volumes of rice in a shorter amount of time. This increases productivity and helps meet the demand for rice in the market. 3. Prevention of Unnecessary Waste: Color sorting technology eliminates the need to manually sort and discard rice batches due to discolored or low-quality grains. This reduces waste and saves resources. 4. Highly Flexible: Rice color sorter machines can sort rice grains according to different criteria, such as size, shape, and color. This flexibility means that the machine can be used for a variety of rice varieties, making it a versatile tool. 5. Cost-Effective: By eliminating low-quality grains, rice color sorters improve the overall quality of the rice batch. This results in higher prices for the rice and a greater return on investment for the farmers and producers.
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  • The main technical indicators of belt color sorter
    Apr 17, 2023
    Belt color sorter is widely used in food and resource recycling processing. 1.The processing capacity. The processing capacity is the amount of materials that can be processed per hour. The main factors affecting the processing capacity per unit time are the movement speed of the servo system, the maximum speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of the raw materials. The fast movement speed of the servo system can quickly send the actuator to the position corresponding to the impurity, which can also increase the speed of the conveyor belt and increase the processing capacity, otherwise the speed of the conveyor belt must be reduced. The processing capacity per unit time is directly proportional to the moving speed of the conveyor belt, the faster the conveyor belt speed, the greater the output. The processing capacity per unit time is also related to the proportion of impurities contained in raw materials. If there are few impurities, the larger the interval between two impurities, the longer the reaction time left for the servo system, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be increased. At the same time, the processing capacity per unit time is closely related to the required selection accuracy. 2.Color sorting accuracy. Color sorting accuracy refers to the percentage of the number of impurities selected from raw materials to the total amount of impurities contained. The color sorting accuracy is mainly related to the moving speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of the raw materials. The slower the moving speed of the conveyor belt, the longer the time between adjacent impurities. The servo system has enough time to remove impurities and improve the color sorting accuracy. Similarly, the higher the initial purity of the raw material, the less the amount of impurities, and the higher the color sorting accuracy. At the same time, the color selection accuracy is also limited by the design of the servo system itself. When there are more than two impurities in the same frame of image, only one impurity can be removed, and the color selection accuracy decreases. The multiple selection structure is better than the single selection structure. 3.The take-out ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of impurities in the waste selected by the color sorter to the amount of normal materials. The level of the take-out ratio can be adjusted, and the adjustment of the take-out ratio is mainly completed by adjusting the energization time of the actuator. If the take-out ratio is set too high, it will affect the two indicators of selection rate and processing capacity; if it is set too low, the selected waste contains too much normal material, which will cause waste; if it is reprocessed, it will need to invest A certain amount of manpower and material resources will cause a lot of trouble and economic loss. In the actual production process, the three indicators of processing capacity, color sorting accuracy and take-out ratio are integrated, and they are all key indicators, which must be investigated at the same time.
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  • Working principle of chute color sorter
    Jan 10, 2022
    In the previous era when technology was relatively backward, manual labor became the main productivity of screening products. We can clearly see in the market that high-quality products will be more expensive and popular at the same time; Machine selection, product quality at a glance, speed up. As an intelligent high-tech product, what is the working principle of the color sorter? TOPSORT technology takes you into the door of color sorter technology. The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the different-color particles in the granular material according to the difference in the optical properties of the material. A very official explanation, I believe most people can’t understand it, in fact, you may understand it another way; the color sorter is like a person, with a camera equivalent to the human eye to observe the product. If it is broken, there are spray valves equivalent to human hands. When the camera catches a bad product, the spray valve blows it out. This is how the color sorter works. How does the color sorter work? Let's look at a picture below. 1. The material enters the machine from the collecting hopper on the top, and the selected material falls down along the feeding distribution chute through the vibration of the feeding device (vibrator). 2. The material passes through the vibrator at the upper end of the chute, and the material slides into the sorting box at an accelerated speed along the chute. 3. After entering the sorting box, it passes between the image processing sensor CCD and the background equipment. Under the action of the light source, the CCD receives the synthetic optical signal from the selected material, and the system generates an output signal, which is amplified and transmitted to the FPGA + ARM computing processing system, and then the control system issues instructions to drive the injection solenoid valve to blow the particles of different colors Flows away in and out of the waste cavity of the hopper. 4. The selected materials continue to fall into the finished product chamber of the hopper and flow out, so that the selected materials can achieve the purpose of selection. How does the color sorter work? The above is the workflow of the color sorter. According to the survey, most of the processing manufacturers in the market are already using the color sorters of Xingtai Hongche Technology. At the same time, with the help of the color sorter of TOPSORT technology, customers become bigger and stronger, and truly realize the freedom of wealth.    
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